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Let the Johns-Carabelli Co. guide you through the process, from consultation, to design, to stone cutting, to memorial cleaing and repair.


The artisans of the Johns-Carabelli family are nationally recognized as leaders in the monument industry in custom design, lettering and engraving. The art of hand drawing and hand carving lettering has been passed from generation to generation. When the American Monument Association created the book “Symbols-The Universal Language,” they turned to our artists to write the entire lettering section. While much of the engraving done today uses a computer generated template, understanding the core concepts of proportion, value and relationship of letters and design is a critical but often missing component necessary in any properly executed lettering project. We continue to use our talents and expertise to ensure all of our lettering projects no matter how small are based on those concepts.

Restoration & Cleaning

Most memorials are produced from materials that will endure the test of time. Whether granite or bronze, their inherent beauty should last for generations. But just like an automobile or the windows of a home, without proper maintenance and periodic cleaning this beauty becomes hidden. Our expert craftsmen have the skills and tools necessary to restore your memorial to its original beauty. Even though granite is nearly as hard as a diamond its polished surface can be easily destroyed when not cleaned properly. The frequency of required cleaning is hard to define as conditions can vary from location to location. In many cases the patina created from the collection of dirt on a memorial can actually enhance its beauty. Let the experts at the Johns-Carabelli Co help you determine what cleaning and restoration services are right for your particular circumstance. Our restoration services also include sandblasting. Automotive and motorcycle parts as well as lawn furniture are just a few of the metal restoration projects we can assist with.
memorial and monument restoration


Handcrafted from granite, marble and other natural stone as well as bronze, commercial signage is available in any size range and budget. We can assist you in all phases of your project, from design concepts through installation. These signs, which naturally evoke an air of stability and distinction will withstand weathering and remain beautiful for years. Whether for a school, church or professional firm, our signs will give your name the prominence it deserves and convey the image you desire. Some of our quality signs can be seen at many area high schools and universities, several Ohio State Highway Patrol posts, the new RTA station in Little Italy and the Federal Building, just to name a few.

Individual & Companion Memorials

Individual and Companion Memorials: A single or companion memorial differs from a monument in that it is normally one piece and smaller in size than an upright monument. It may be made as a lawn level memorial, pillow or bevel memorial, or a slant face memorial. However, its size should not limit its personalization. The skills of our designers assure you a well-designed tribute no matter what style of memorial you desire. Let us create a memorial that captures what you want to remember most about your loved one.

Individual and Companion Memorials & Headstones
small upright memorial headstone

Small Upright Monuments

Memorials that are upright in form, more than 8 inches and at least two pieces of stone are referred to as monuments. Sizes and styles may be controlled by cemetery regulations, although most cemeteries are encouraging upright memorialization, allowing families more flexibility when planning a memorial tribute for loved ones. These monuments span one or two grave spaces, and may be designed to reflect personal or family values, a profession, a love of life and more. Our design ideas are limitless. Let the experts at The Johns-Carabelli Co. guide you through the regulations for your specific site regarding size and finish.

Family & Estate Monuments

For families who desire a larger cemetery lot, a family monument may be placed as the focal point on the lot. Some cemeteries also permit separate memorial headstones to provide a more personal tribute for each individual. Let the experts at The Johns-Carabelli Co. guide you through the specific regulations for your site, regarding size and finishes, prior to selecting this type of monuments.
family estate monuments

Civic & Public Monuments

Placed to commemorate a historical moment in time or respected individual, the public or civic memorial may be designed to commemorate a battle, war or conflict, or to bring attention to a person or event of historical significance. Many times a church, or cemetery will erect a feature memorial to bring attention to a religious figure. Both heroes and tragic events have been commemorated with memorial tributes designed by The Johns-Carabelli Co. These tributes can be found in schools, parks, cemeteries and religious sanctuaries.

Bronze Memorials & Monuments

Bronze is another popular medium used in memorialization. Some cemeteries require bronze to be used, so please let us help you confirm any cemetery regulations before choosing a memorial. Bronze can also be used to enhance a granite memorial with emblems or decorative ornamentation. Add a unique look that makes your memorial stand out from a generic headstone selected from a catalog.

Bronze Memorials
Bench Memorials

Bench Memorials

Benches can be used as a place for reflection, rest or to preserve cremains. Whether you’re looking for a traditional, contemporary or rustic look, the possibilities are endless. You will see our work in gardens, walkways and cemetery lots.


Boulders can be seen as a symbol of strength or a connection with nature.  They have many uses, from displaying an address, to family, estate or cremation memorials. Using a boulder as a memorial is a unique choice that will make your memorial look more natural and stand out among other more traditional designs.

boulder memorial
Cremation Memorials

Cremation Memorials

When a family chooses cremation, memorial choices are still as limitless as in traditional burial. Choose anything from a personal garden tribute to a monument with receptacles to hold the cremains. Let the Johns-Carabelli family assist you in selecting the type of memorialization to best suit your family.

Hand Carved Lettering

The Johns-Carabelli Co. is the only shop in Northeast Ohio with a master craftsman on staff with over 30 years of experience cutting hand-tooled lettering. Whether your goal is to match existing memorials that were carved in the last century or to just bring that feel of old-world craftsmanship to a modern design, experience the creative difference that this old world skill can bring to your memorial.
Hand Tooled Memorials
Headstone and Memorial Etching - Freed


The artists at The Johns-Carabelli Co. have a great attention to detail. With hand-crafted etchings, your memorial will have photo-quality images meticulously engraved that provide a depth in clarity, unmatched by laser or sand-etched methods. Whether you’re looking for a portrait, nature scene or existing art work replication, we can provide the memorial that tells the story unique to your loved one.

Pet Memorials

Pets are members of the family and deserve to be memorialized the way we would any other loved one. The Johns-Carabelli Co. can create anything from a simple stone for the yard to memorials for pet cemeteries. We take the same care in creating these memorials as any other family memorial.
pet memorials


The distinction of a private mausoleum is unsurpassed. Beauty, prestige and reverence are displayed in a personal mausoleum. Through the ages, similar architectural structures have been built for those who wish to eliminate the ordeal of in-ground burial. The mausoleum design signifies great strength as well as beauty.

Garden & Feature Pieces

Original unique garden pieces are designed and handcrafted ensuring that any sculpture you choose will be truly one of a kind. Statuary, boulders, pavers, bricks and natural stones can be used to personalize any space. Any cemetery lot that allows planting can become a personal garden of memorialization. Perfect for any garden, walkway or entrance, garden art will enhance the beauty of any surrounding without detracting from the natural look of the outdoors. These pieces are often used when cremation is chosen over traditional burial.
garden art - bird bath
Granite Options

Granite Options

The Johns-Carabelli Co. uses only the highest-quality granite available; specifically suited for monumental purposes. We partner with select maufacturers across the United States to produce your memorial to our strict quality standards. The granite memorials we provide are not dyed or enhanced in any way, ensuring they will withstand the tests of time, temperature and climate.

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