A monument with a combination of grey and mahogany granite that is the focal point of a larger family lot that also includes a bench and individual headstones. Polished, rock and steeled finishes are all used to create a stunning pedestal for 2 angels, a book and violets all cast in bronze. The polish symbolizes the beauty of family, the steeled is a smooth but unfinished and the rock pitch being broken symbolize the young life of their daughter that passed away. This monument is located in Lake View Cemetery (Cleveland, OH) and was awarded 1st place in the Family Monuments category of the 2010 AICA design contest and the Eugene H. Faehnle, FAICA award for Top Design that same year. The monument also graced the cover of the July 2011 issue of MBNews.


January 23 2017


Cemetery Memorials, Family & Estate Monuments, Bronze, Award Winning