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Granite is granite, right?

No, not really. Many people believe there is no difference between granites; this is only true in the natural formation of granite. There are actually a number of specific characteristics that make granites different. The most obvious differences are the granite colors that are available.

The second and more important characteristic is the specific combination of minerals that make up granite. The minerals vary from one granite to another and can dramatically effect how a memorial will appear over time.

Where the granite is quarried and fabricated also impacts important differences in granite. Some granite is actually dyed or enhanced during fabrication to add luster and a richer color when the stone is brand new. Over time these materials can fade, discolor and even rust.

Another distinction in granite is how it is graded. All domestic granites are graded for color and clarity, just like a gem stone. Top grade granites will be clear and consistent in their natural graining and color. Arguably, the most important difference that relates to quality in granite is how porous the stone is. In other words, how much moisture can be absorbed and how long will it stay in a piece of stone. Some granites maintain their appearance very well over time. These are less porous granites. Other granites darken over time and show moisture more readily. This is seen when a memorial becomes deeper in color compared to when it was new or dry. These granites have higher porosity levels, and are more susceptible to staining and discoloring. The quality of granite can differ greatly and impact its integrity and beauty over time. So granite is granite, but not when it comes to having a lasting tribute that needs to stand the test of time.

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