The Creative Process

The Creative Process

We begin the process as soon as a family or individual meets with one of our professional memorialists. We start by listening. We listen to the ideas from you and your family and take note of the special stories you share. With our artistry, design experience and knowledge, we create design ideas and options for you to choose from that capture a story or theme about the person. When we work with an individual or family, we create something personal and meaningful. We are not order takers behind a desk. We are artists, designers and craftsmen; historians if you will, who’s goal is to create a lasting memorial tribute, immortalizing the life lived.

We talk with you, allowing time to hear your stories and time to learn about the individual you are honoring. We guide you through the process showing you ways to tell a story in the memorial. We discuss and explain the options available and what is permitted. These options depend on cemetery regulations and how these rules can be coordinated with your preferences for design, size and other elements. We then focus on the materials, sizes, shapes and colors that are fitting. We explain why these selections are suggested compared to others that might be considered, so you can make an informed selection.

Our artists then prepare a full size drawing using text and symbolism selected to tell the story you’ve described. In the case of more elaborate memorials, it is not uncommon for our designers to prepare several conceptual drawings to help you and your family visualize different options. Then based on your feedback, a complete, final drawing of the memorial is presented for approval. You review and approve the drawing before the stone is actually carved. This ensures that everything will meet your expectations.

We maintain the highest standards of design, hand carvings, renderings, personalization and artistry in the field today. It is our goal to provide this to you while maintaining good economical sense, and true craftsmanship for your memorial.

Unfortunately, many in the business today no longer provide or never knew how to provide this standard of service. Instead many companies have become dependent on computer-based, impersonal, cut and paste design processes that lose the qualities, artistry, beauty and personalization that the best design and memorials easily provide. Many companies now provide only a computer generated rough draft for viewing prior to getting approval to start their work.

The drawbacks and lack of quality produced from a company dependent on a computer-generated model, can be easily missed. We understand that most people who come to select a memorial, have no experience with design, or knowledge of what a quality product is when choosing and viewing a memorial. We take care of that for you, share the pros and cons with you and educate along the way.

We collaborate with you on designs and choices to ensure our highest quality standards effectively create the story you want to tell. Once the design is approved the piece of stone is cut and finished to specification, then our master craftsmen and stone carvers transform the stone into your personalized work of art.

The completed memorial is then delivered to the cemetery. It may be set by the cemetery personnel or by our own setting crew. This is determined by each cemetery as well as the actual piece being placed. Contact us for assistance in creating a unique, personalized memorial for your loved one.