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Our credentials are built on the foundation of trust, fairness, ability and the dedication of four generations. The privilege of serving our community is a responsibility we are proud to meet. Our business is the memorialization of people, so each individual is our priority.

Offering a unique artistic style to every one of its memorials, monuments and other stonework, The Johns-Carabelli Company has been an industry leader for 140 years.

The business is built on a foundation of trust, fairness, artistic skill, and the dedication of four generations of the Johns family preceded by three generations of the Carabelli family. Because the company focuses on the memorialization of people, every client is treated as a priority. To that end, each member of the Johns Carabelli family abides by the following principles:

  • We always place the needs of our clients first.
  • We must provide the highest level of service with complete integrity.
  • We ensure that our memorials will be of superior quality.
  • We inform and educate consumers.
  • We provide professional assistance to our clients in attaining their objectives of memorialization, remembrance and dealing with grief.
  • We continuously advance our education within the industry to remain up-to-date regarding trends and techniques of memorial design and production.
  • We recognize that innovation is essential to our survival in a changing world.
  • We exhibit to other members of our industry that we are dedicated to our craft; we excel beyond our peers, enabling us to provide an even higher caliber of service to our clients.
  • We give back to the communities in which we live and work.
  • We maintain a commitment to balancing quality with cost to offer equitable return on all investments.
  • We share our talents and skills by training others in our industry through continuing education programs presented by our trade associations.
Johns-Carabelli Rockefeller Memorial

The Johns-Carabelli Co. History


Original business, Carabelli and Broggini, and later The Carabelli Company started.



Graziano Farinacci, the father-in-law of John I Johns, was the first generation of the Johns family to be a stone carver and worked for the business for over three decades.


John I. Johns, the son of a stone mason, joined Carabelli’s. He was an architect and used his design skills to help create a mausoleum for a family who prior to his involvement could not be satisfied with a design.



John I. Johns became chief designer.


Johns and two other Carabelli employees branched out to start a new monument company called Mayfair Memorials, while maintaining a close relationship with the Carabelli family.



Michael J. Johns joined the family business.


After the death of Joseph Carabelli III, and the retirement of Eleanore Carabelli-Williams, the Johns family purchased The Joseph Carabelli Company and created The Johns-Carabelli Company, by merging the two companies back together.



Michael Johns, Jr., joins the family business.


Monica Johns joins the family business.



Michelle Shaw joins the family business.


Michael J. Johns retires and turns management of the business over to Michael N. Johns, Monica Johns and Michelle Shaw.


American Institute of Commemorative Art
Monument Builders of North America
Certified Memorialist
Monument Builders of Ohio

Recognized Among the Best

The Johns-Carabelli Company is the only company in Northeast Ohio invited to membership in the prestigious American Institute of Commemorative Art (AICA). Membership is by invitation only and is based on dedication to exceptional memorial art, professional service, and high standards for business practices. Only 60 firms in all of North America are invited to be members of this distinguished group of memorial professionals.

In addition, The Johns-Carabelli Company is affiliated with national and state memorial associations – Monument Builders of North America (MBNA) and Monument Builders of Ohio (MBO). As members of these associations, we are up-to-date on current training and educational programs in the industry. Membership in these associations also requires subscribing to a “Code of Good Practice”, which guarantees good business practices and high ethical standards.

The Johns-Carabelli Company has on staff two of the 100 Certified Memorialists (CM) in all of North America. Certification is awarded by MBNA to those individuals who have successfully completed a comprehensive examination in the fundamentals of the memorial industry. Hours of service must also be contributed to the industry and community to exhibit true commitment to the certification program. Maintaining this certification is based on continuing education and ongoing service to the community and industry.

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