Don BurgettMonica,

Iris called me yesterday, and told me the cemetery installed the monument. I went out yesterday evening, and my first impression was WoW!!!!

It looks fantastic!!! You, your sister, and brother did an outstanding job. Your design and construction met my expectations and then some. The Blessed Virgins face looks beautiful, I noticed it has three different shades of black and gray which I know was not easy to do. The name and the cross on the back of the monument looks phenomenal. Finally, the “Morning Offer” prayer on the monument truly represents our family’s internal flame that my mother has passed down to us.

Beautiful Work!! Well Done!!

Don Burgett

Linda CoreaDear Monica,

My family and I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your wonderful work on Mike’s headstone.

The “Donate Life” part is perfect and we can’t thank you enough for your perseverance and dedication to getting it “just right”.

Your workmanship is excellent, as is your caring and compassion. Thank you for making this part of the journey so easy.

Linda Corea

Bruce EnteDear Monica,

I wanted to let you know that we finally held the unveiling ceremony for my father, Leonard Ente, at Mayfield Cemetery last week.

It was long-delayed from our original date of August 23rd, so it was only recently that I saw the memorial your company made. It looks great!

Many people commented on the beauty of my dad’s headstone, and I definitely agree.

Not only is the red granite a beautiful piece of stone, the artistry of your engraving is elegant, balanced and pleasing to the eye. You and the Johns-Carabelli Company delivered on your promise of a beautiful memorial.

Thanks very much for your good service and excellent work.

Bruce Ente

Krystyna JarubusDear Ms. Monika!

My son was most important person in my life.

Unfortunately this happens. The only thing I can give him is a nice resting place.

You and your company made this possible with this beautiful monument.

So thank you very much and God bless you all.

Krystyna Jarubus

Loretta PorterDear “All”,

Thank you, thank you.
The stone is beautiful.
Blessings and peace,

Loretta Porter

The family of Elena Maxine SteinbergEveryone,

Thank you for making this difficult process a lot easier. You all were patient and kind and we really appreciated this.

Elena’s memorial stone is beautiful.

Thank you all again,
Daniel, Kim & Maggie

The family of Elena Maxine Steinberg

Dear Monica,

On behalf of our family, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you did to help us with the design of the “Woodworth” monument. My brother, Bob and I went to the cemetery today and the stone was everything we could have hoped for and more. The etching of the pictures of our grandparents, Uncle Bob and our mother were excellent. We are looking forward to inviting the rest of our family and friends to a dedication ceremony and pay tribute to the missing links in our family. Again, we are very pleased with the quality of work and would recommend your company to our family and friends.

Thank you again.


Kathryn Gamber

I just want you to know how absolutely beautiful my sister’s stone turned out – we’re all so happy with it, and I’m sure Janet is, too.

It was great working with you; thanks for being so kind.

Ellen Gurin

I want to thank all of you for the help you gave me when I was there. The only thing I see is that I am not sure the plot # is correct. I had directions to the sites but I am not sure if E-603 is Edna’s or Blaine’s.

I know his is the only unmarked one next to my grandmas. Can you please verify the plot # before placing it.

There is no need to send me the correction since I do not wish to delay the placement any longer than needed.

You have no idea how much it means to me that you put GRAMPS on it for me. It was something I desperately wanted but could not afford.

It was and is a pleasure to deal with a company that still has compassion and cares about people.

A truly lost thing in todays world.


Diane Benny

C. FrantzMichelle, Janice et al,

We were out to the cemetery today to view the marker. It’s exactly what we wanted.

Thanks for your work and professional handling of all.


C. Frantz


Just a note to say thanks a million… for your support caring and kindness!

May God richly bless you.


Dear Monica,

Thank you so much for putting a “rush” on my mother’s headstone.

It worked out perfect for my brother, who was in from New Mexico, to see it before he went back home. In fact he came down to deliver the check for the balance and to thank you personally, but you were in a meeting.

My brother, sister and I are all very pleased with the stone, and again thank you, we appreciate all you did for us.

Karen Marino

I just wanted to thank everyone involved in helping me design our headstone.

The idea to place a police badge on the stone was a great idea. I shared this idea with several police friends. The number of shamrocks signifying the number of children was also great. Thanks.


Connie McHugh


I just wanted to thank you for the memorial stone for my mother, RIVIETTE GRAND. It was beautiful!

I am so happy that worked together! Thank you for helping me and my family during this difficult period and understanding how important this stone meant to us. It was perfect in every way!

I really appreciated your time, effort and hard work that you spent trying to make us happy. You are so professional, caring and thoughtful! You are very special!

Forever Grateful!

Nancy Axelband and family