The Zitnick Family

This monument is full of symbolism. A large family with deep faith and strong family bonds, the Zitnks wanted to combine more than one meaningful element. A picture of “The Last Supper” hangs in the family’s home. Including this was a must. The family kept referring to the bread of life. The grapes and wheat are symbols that sum up their faith. The wording on the center piece states this belief. Music is also important to the family. In putting all of these elements together we chose to design the musical notes from the song “I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE”.  The notes on the side tables follow the refrain in the song, “and I will raise you up on the last day”. The carnations are also very special. A family member draws carnations. We used one of the original drawings to create the design for the flowers on each side of the monument. Many elements can work together when designed to properly flow together and tell a story.