1. Decide what story you want to tell.

  • Think of special memories or elements that are important to you.
  • Consider what you want future generations to know.

2. Find a professional, reputable, knowledgeable and established Memorial Company to guide you and educate you.

  • Do not be fooled by slick on-line vendors or companies that have a lot of hype. Often times, all they have are “off-the-rack” ideas and run of the mill designs.
  • Know that you don’t need to settle for standard, computer generated designs that have been sold hundreds of times.
  • Choose a company that has their own manufacturing plant. This will provide you the assurance the job will be done to your satisfaction.
  • View examples of their work. Have them explain how the quality of their work differs from others.
  • Ask lots of questions! A vendor that isn’t willing to explain how their process works or how their work is unique probably isn’t a quality company.
  • Buyer beware. If a company only offers the cheapest price then quality will most likely be cheap as well.

3. Confirm the style of memorial you prefer and are permitted to have.

  • Every cemetery will have rules and regulations that need to be followed. Make sure you understand these regulations and that the monument company confirms what is permitted; including sizes as well as materials.
  • Requirements can always be verified by the cemetery and often can be found on the deed to the lot.

4. Plan the memorial.

  • This is where the top professionals in the industry will stand out. The best companies will have professionals who put all the elements together: artwork, designs, text, material and shape in a way that will keep within your budget.
  • Designing with an artistic viewpoint and an understanding of proportion and composition ensures you the finest memorial.
  • Watching a big screen with clip art being put into standard layouts is not designing or personalizing. There are many steps involved in creating the memorial, including proper size and proportion for all the elements of the memorial. This is not done by just dropping in designs and panels.

5. Enter into an agreement and let the professionals do their job.

  • Make sure you approve a detailed drawing before anything is carved in stone.
  • It’s best to see the design full size to ensure it is what you are expecting and to offer you peace of mind.