Q: Why do some stones look better than others?
A: How everything fits together makes such a difference.

When a memorial is treated as a piece of art and not just a stone to mark a grave that care shows in the finished memorial. Attention to detail should be top priority in everything from the finish and clarity of the granite itself to the lettering and design that completes the memorial. The inscription or lettering on the memorial can really make or break a layout. Each lettering element, a title, name, dates and verse can just be typed into a program and left the way the computer sees fit to mathematically combine letters and numbers. When a skilled designer arranges an inscription the relationship between different elements is carefully considered. The space between each letter is made to be VISUALLY correct and pleasing. The size of each element should be proportional to its importance in the layout as well as readability and making it executable in the stone. The flow of the inscription can set the entire feel of the layout. When a design or piece of artwork is to be incorporated into the memorial, it too must be carefully looked at for size and execution. Designs shouldn’t just be made bigger or smaller to fit a layout. Often they need to be reworked to be pleasing at different sizes. When size is the only thing changed, even the most beautiful design can quickly become an eyesore. It is so important to look at every detail. The size of each individual piece in a design, as well as how thick or thin cut lines become when the size is changed should be evaluated. Adjusting elements that become too thick because they were enlarged or too thin because they were reduced is a critical step in proper artistic design. These are all things conscientious artisans take the time to address in each and every memorial they design. The average consumer may not recognize these subtle differences in layouts but they can always tell when a memorial looks beautiful and attention has been taken to make every detail perfect.

Once all the elements in a memorial work together to tell your story, a few more things can make some memorials look better than others. When top grade granites are used the granite’s natural beauty speaks for itself. These memorials will look beautiful for generations because the granite used is not dyed or altered and is properly polished and finished. The processes and techniques used to produce the memorial also make a great difference in the final product quality. Designs and lettering can look messy and not clean cut if care is not taken during the stencil preparation, sandblasting and carving phases of production. When a double process is used, designs and lettering are cut clean and sharp, no jagged or rounded edges are seen. This technique gives the memorials a crisp appearance not a rushed mass produced look.

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