Q: How can I tell if they are giving me all the available options?
A: Ask questions.

Know that you don’t need to settle for standard, computer generated designs that have been sold hundreds of times. View samples of their work. Have the representative explain how the quality of their work differs from others.

Some questions to ask include: Is that all that I can have? How can we make it different? Show me what other things are possible. Show me or tell me about something different that you have done recently.

A vendor that isn’t willing to explain how their process works or how their work is unique probably isn’t a quality company.

Determine the style of memorial you prefer and are permitted to have. Every cemetery will have rules and regulations that need to be followed. Make sure you understand these regulations and that the monument company confirms what is permitted; including sizes as well as materials.

Plan the memorial. Visit the cemetery and see what others have done.

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