Q: How can I tell if I am purchasing a quality memorial?
A: Educate yourself by asking questions.

Some questions to ask include: Where does the stone come from; where is it quarried? What will it look like after a period of time out in the cemetery? How are the lettering and design elements put together to make it look the best? Where is the work actually done? What safeguards do I have in making sure the stone will be done right?

View and inspect work already done. Examine how the stone looks, how the lettering fits together and how the design elements compliment the layout. Every aspect of the memorial should fit together in relationship to each other. This is an art, not just a simple cut and paste cookie cutter process.

Designing with an artistic viewpoint and an understanding of proportion and composition ensures you the finest memorial. Watching a big screen with clip art being put into standard layouts is not designing or personalizing. There are many steps involved in creating the memorial including proper size and proportion for all the elements of the memorial. This is not done by just dropping in designs and panels.

Don’t be fooled, there is a tremendous difference in the durability of some granites over others. (see question: Granite is Granite, right?)

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