Q: Are your prices competitive?
A: Yes.

When comparing “apples to apples”, we are more than competitive. What most people do not realize when shopping for a memorial is that just comparing the bottom line is not truly comparing “apples to apples”. Measure a company’s skill, knowledge and service. The ability to answering your questions about the product is also very significant. Most important, a memorial is a matter of the total package: the materials, artistry, design, personalization, durability, and guarantee to list a few.

Some companies offer low-grade granite choices, to lower costs to consumers or increase profits. They might not disclose that these are actually less durable materials and are overall lower quality. Other companies might finish their product in less time. This may be related to taking fewer steps in the design process or lower quality stone cutting details, with poor letter definition or machine cutting instead of hand crafted quality. Unfortunately, cutting costs or time in these ways is very noticeable and lowers the quality of the finished product. Furthermore, it may also mean the company is not doing any of the manufacturing and is having a someone else actually doing all the work.

The Johns-Carabelli Company has the staff to manage most any design situation for you. Other companies cannot offer you the same value for less money because they do not possess skills in design that would make them competitive.

Making a comparison in the delivery of your memorial can also effect the how competitive the memorials prices are. On-line purchases often do not include the cemetery receiving the stone and any additional handling fees for taking delivery.

Be sure the memorial will be handled with the same care you gave in creating the design. Ask yourself, “Will the memorial be handled in a way that may encounter risk, damage or harm?”

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