A monument is an everlasting tribute to those we love.

The Johns – Carabelli Company, in its fifth generation of service in memorial art, can help you fulfill your desire to achieve this special tribute.

Understanding A Memorial Tribute

Whether dedicated in a cemetery, a private personal place or a public setting, a memorial is the means by which future generations can reflect on someone’s life.

There are many different facets to understand when creating a memorial. The true purpose of a memorial is to remember and honor the life of the person you are commemorating. We erect a memorial because someone lived, not because someone died.

The first step in creating a personal memorial is considering what you want it to say. Not in the sense of what words you would like, but the story of the person’s life.

Once the story is decided, there are fundamental parts of the memorial to consider. These include but are not limited to material, color, size, shape, design, lettering, inscription information and, most importantly, how to capture the story with these elements.